Legend of Heroes going rare?
December 19, 2006

I decided that I would go ahead and purchase Legend of Heroes before it becomes difficult to find, since Namco Bandai just announced that it'll be publishing the third in the trilogy soon.

Stores around here used to have the game readily in stock but recently it has disappeared from shelves. "No worries," I thought to myself. "I'll just go online."

So I went online, and I tried Amazon.com. They have it used, if you want to go that route. I didn't. I wanted it new, dang it! So I decided to try pricegrabber.com, which gathers together several merchants. No luck there. They didn't even have it listed. So I tried ebgames and gamestop, which now have the same approximate inventory. Nothing.

I then tried calling locally to see if GameCrazy might happen to have it, since they sometimes suprprise me. They had one in stock, but couldn't sell it because it's a special order someone placed. He'll be picking it up soon, I guess. They offered to attempt a special order. If they could get it in, they quoted $39.99 and a week or two as the likely delay. I said I'd keep that in mind.

I went online again and this time I tried bestbuy.com. They didn't have the game listed. So then I tried walmart.com, which had it in stock. With shipping, it came to just under $39.99 and I should have it in a week. Yes, I placed the order.

This boring story has a point: to let you know that Legend of Heroes is getting close to being impossible to find. The sequel I found the first place I looked, Amazon.com (though it seems it's getting close to the state its predecessor currently enjoys).

The Legend of Heroes games haven't gotten the best of reviews overall, just typical RPG scores. They're made by Falcom and Zig swears they're worth playing. So I now have ordered the first two and will get the third shortly after its release early next year (I hope). I hate missing good RPGs for any system I own. Oh, and I also ordered Riviera for the GBA (it's at $40.00 now for a sealed copy and climbing) and Popolocrois for the PSP. Gotta play it safe...

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Genj Genj - December 19, 2006 (11:27 AM)
I hate it when games all of sudden disappear. I decided to pick up God Hand today for almost that very reason. Not only did I want to play a kung fu western brawler with surf music, but I thought there may be a good chance that it becomes one of those games that falls under the radar and becomes annoying to track down.

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