Family Emergency Redux
August 23, 2018

My dad was out of rehab, following his surgery two weeks ago, and was enjoying the leisurely life back home. But something--possibly doing dishes as recommended for therapy, though that is uncertain at this point--has caused his fusion to slip, which requires another serious surgery which may happen tonight or tomorrow depending on surgeon availability. I am traveling once more to be with my mom and dad at this time, and will again be mostly unresponsive and unproductive on the site for another little while (actual length of time to be determined). Thank you for your understanding!

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pickhut pickhut - August 23, 2018 (07:49 PM)
Take care, and hope everything goes well.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - August 24, 2018 (08:39 PM)
Best of luck, hope all goes well!
honestgamer honestgamer - August 25, 2018 (07:14 PM)
Thanks for your support, guys! I am back in town now, long enough at least to get some school work done ahead of the end of the term, and to show up for work tomorrow and work a shift. I'm running out of sick and personal days I can take, but I think I'll still have a job at least for now. The trip was not terrific in most ways, but I was able to be there for both of my parents and that was important. There's still personal stuff going on, so it might not be long before I have to take another trip (though I hope not). At the moment, at least, I can be more present again... maybe after I rest up a bit.

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