An Important Update About Your Old HonestGamers Password
January 20, 2017

In late June of last year, I noticed (because I could hardly help but notice) that the site had been compromised. I wasn't sure at the time of the exact nature of that compromise, and I'm still not completely enlightened on that matter, but it was obvious that someone gained access to at least some site accounts, including site staff accounts.

At that time, I recommended that you change your HonestGamers password, and that you also update your password on other sites if you were using the same password elsewhere.

Today, I would like to repeat that recommendation: Please change your HonestGamers password if you have not done so since June 30, 2016, and also change your password at any other sites if it is the same password that you were using at HonestGamers at that time.

Although I have since implemented additional security measures that should protect your data in the event of any future intrusions, security up to that point was clearly not ideal and I now know that at least some passwords were accessed. That's because I today received a forwarded email from an individual who received a phishing email that contained his HonestGamers password, which he had not used on any other sites. Because he has since changed his password to something else, it is apparent that the recent contact was made possible by the original intrusion that I reported in June.

As a reminder, you should never use the same password at multiple sites. If one site is compromised, hackers will typically sell passwords to other hackers and someone will attempt to use those passwords on any well-known sites. It's a numbers game, and normal people like you and me are the ones who pay the price. If you use the same password on a game site that you use to access your online credit cards or banking details, or online storage accounts like dropbox or service sites such as Netflix, that can have a very real impact. This is why entertainment sites are often the target of high-level hacking attempts. They represent a potentially lucrative target.

I hope that by now, you have long since changed your password. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no additional intrusion and there is no new cause for alarm. I'm just updating you because you have the right to know and to act on your own behalf to ensure that your private information remains secure.

As a side note, please be aware that HonestGamers staff will never send you an unsolicited email containing your account password. We don't have access to your password, and you can safely assume that any such email you might receive in the future comes from an impostor. Do not open any files that may be attached to such emails, as they likely contain viruses.

Thank you for your attention!

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