My Little Super Mario Bros. Project
September 19, 2015

This post is outdated. I've since deleted most of the courses to make room for newer ones built after I had more tools available and more experience. Sorry!

If you have Super Mario Maker, let me just take a moment to invite you to come along with me on a brand new Mario adventure... made by me! Whether my desire lasts longer than this weekend or not, we shall see!

At least at present, I'm thinking it will be fun to build a fresh Super Mario Bros. experience, using the tools provided in Super Mario Maker. I am hoping to put together a series of 32 levels or so that will feel true to the original Super Mario Bros. but will difficulty-wise perhaps fall somewhere in the middle between Super Mario Bros. and its Japanese sequel, which was often a little too demanding to be particularly fun.

To that end, I'm creating levels and will post the codes for some of them here as they are built. It looks like (at least for now) I can only save 10 levels online, but that will allow me to get halfway through my take on World 3. If I skip castle levels, that could take me up to the end of world 3, perhaps. So that's a good enough start, right?

Here are my stages, and I will update this post as I add new ones:

1-1: 1AEE-0000-0052-736C
1-2: 1DC4-0000-0052-D93E
1-3: BA1C-0000-0053-0351
1-4: CEDD-0000-0053-3210

2-1: E72C-0000-0053-50C2
2-2: AA52-0000-0053-1C6C
2-3: 8B2E-0000-0053-90A5
2-4: DD9B-0000-0053-7475

3-1: 31B5-0000-0053-DF4D

Okay, that's enough of that. I've finally unlocked all of the tools, and it's time to do other things with my allotted 10 uploads. Here is my first Super Mario Bros. 3 course:


I don't know how many more courses I'll create and upload. None, probably, if people don't start awarding my courses the stars they deserve! ;-)

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