My wife had surgery yesterday
April 17, 2015

My wife had surgery yesterday, to remove a tumor just below and behind her right earlobe. We paid previously to have a cat scan done, which didn't tell the doctors whether or not the tumor is benign or cancerous. So it had to come out.

There wasn't a doctor here in town who felt up to the task, so we had to drive to Albany. Yesterday was our second trip because of the surgery, with the first visit being a consultation with the surgeon. We showed up an hour early, because we weren't sure we would find the hospital without issue... but we did thanks to the Google Maps app in my phone. They were happy that we showed up early and wheeled my wife right in for prep. Then, several hours later, they finally operated.

I had to spend a lot of that time upstairs in the waiting room. There was a screen where I could check the status of the surgery, to know whether my wife was still being cut or if the surgery had progressed and she was in recovery or whatever. I played a bit of 3DS, just classic Virtual Console stuff and the Pokemon free-to-play game, but of course it was difficult to focus on any of that.

The surgery went well, and they briefed us on what we have to do next... which isn't going as well but should wind up being fine. We ate at A&W afterwards, because my wife insisted. She had wanted to go to one for months and we don't have any here local. So we did that, and it was mostly okay.

Anyway, it was a long and tiring day, but at least it is over except for the long recovery process. They'll test the mass they removed to see if it was cancerous, and I hope they'll find that it wasn't. That would mean it didn't HAVE to be removed, but it also means less risk of cancer in the future, I think. In any event, I was exhausted after the long day, and I wasn't even the one that got sliced open and such...

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