NES Reviews: A Couple of To-Do Lists
March 29, 2015

So, I'm still thinking about working to ensure that additional NES game reviews are posted on the site. You may remember that a few years back, I was paying freelancers and staff for NES game reviews. That project resulted in something like 100 new game reviews being added to the site for (mostly) standout NES titles that were released in North America. However, there are most of 600 games still remaining that staff/freelancers haven't reviewed.

I abandoned the project previously because I ran out of money--which is still the case--and because we were flooding the site with very little other than NES reviews, which wasn't ideal because our diversity of coverage is one of our greatest strengths as a community. Now, sometime soon, I would like to resume the project, as a supplement to our ongoing coverage, not as a replacement.

Anyway, I've gone through the list of titles (currently 585 titles long) and I've narrowed it down to 100 titles that I would most like to see staff members and freelancers (besides myself, I mean) cover on the site as part of any effort to resume the project.

Note that I'm not ready yet to begin paying, though I hope I can again start offering assignments to interested parties sometime in the next few months. Maybe that will happen and maybe it won't, but here is a list of the games I would want to see writers cover first. If in the meantime you feel like tackling anything on the list I'm providing in this post and you would like to see that effort posted on the site as a freelance review--which would require it to go through the standard copyediting process--do let me know.

Here is the list:

001. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonstrike
002. Adventure Island III
003. Adventures of Lolo 2
004. Adventures of Lolo 3
005. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
006. Alfred Chicken
007. Bad Dudes
008. The Bard's Tale
009. Baseball
010. Baseball Stars
011. Batman
012. Batman: Return of the Joker
013. Contra Force
014. Cowboy Kid
015. Fist of the North Star
016. Gilligan's Island
017. Ikari III: The Rescue
018. Ikari Warriors
019. Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
020. The Immortal
021. Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II
022. James Bond, Jr.
023. The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper
024. Joe & Mac
025. Journey to Silius
026. The Jungle Book
027. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
028. King's Knight
029. King's Quest V
030. Krusty's Fun House
031. Legacy of the Wizard
032. The Legend of Kage
033. L'Empereur
034. The Lone Ranger
035. Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13
036. Magician
037. Mario is Missing!
038. Mario's Time Machine!
039. Metal Storm
040. Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
041. Mighty Bomb Jack
042. Mission: Impossible
043. Nightshade
044. Nobunaga's Ambition
045. Nobunaga's Ambition II
046. Power Blade 2
047. Power Punch II
048. Prince of Persia
049. Rad Racer II
050. Road Runner
051. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
052. Rockin' Kats
053. Romance of the Three Kingdoms
054. Rygar
055. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
056. Skate or Die!
057. Sky Kid
058. Snake's Revenge
059. Solar Jetman
060. Solomon's Key
061. Spy vs. Spy
062. Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston
063. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
064. Star Trek: The Next Generation
065. Star Wars
066. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
067. Street Fighter 2010
068. Strider
069. Super Dodge Ball
070. Swamp Thing
071. Sword Master
072. TaleSpin
073. Tecmo Bowl
074. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game
075. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhatten Project
076. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
077. Tetris 2
078. Tiger-Heli
079. Times of Lore
080. Tom & Jerry
081. Toobin'
082. Top Gun
083. Top Gun: The Second Mission
084. Toxic Crusaders
085. Trog
086. Trojan
087. Ultima: Exodus
088. Ultima: Warriors of Destiny
089. Uncharted Waters
090. Uninvited
091. Volleyball
092. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
093. Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds
094. Wizards & Warriors
095. Wolverine
096. Wrath of the Black Manta
097. Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth
098. WWF Wrestlemania
099. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
100. Zombie Nation

I have reasons for selecting the titles I selected. Some should perform well in SEO, or are unique oddities related to popular culture, or they're games I always thought looked kind of cool, or I've played them briefly and I'd like to see what others think of them after putting more time into them than I could.

Again, I am not offering to pay for any of the above reviews... yet. I have some fairly hefty bills to take care of in April and May, and possibly beyond. But if my finances get to a good place after that, I may be ready to start paying folks who participate in this project. Someday featuring a staff/freelance review on the site for every NES title released in North America is still a goal of mine and I also plan to pitch in myself as time permits. In fact, here's a tentative list of games I would like to cover soon:

001. Adventures of Lolo
002. Back to the Future
003. Bible Buffet
004. Bigfoot
005. Bump 'N Jump
006. Donkey Kong
007. Dr. Mario
008. Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land
009. The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!
010. Hatris
011. The Karate Kid
012. The King of Kings: The Early Years
013. Knight Rider
014. Mach Rider
015. Mario Bros.
016. MC Kids
017. Mega Man 6
018. Micro Machines
019. North and South
020. Pinball Quest
021. Qix
022. R.C. Pro-Am
023. Renegade
024. Sunday Funday
025. Super Jeopardy!
026. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
027. Vice: Project Doom
028. Yo! Noid
029. Yoshi's Cookie

Yes, that's a lot of playing and writing. I expect those titles will take me a long while to cover, if I ever get to all of them. Anyway, that's enough rambling. Sorry for the boring post, but I wanted to put these lists somewhere that I couldn't easily lose them.

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overdrive overdrive - March 31, 2015 (10:39 AM)
I'd forgotten that my Rygar review is user. Mayhaps, depending on how letters go for clearing them all out, I'll re-do my review for that game. It has been a few years since I've played it, so if nothing else "R-related" jumps out at me, I'll do so. Depends on how quickly I get through some other games, as I have a DS and a few 360 games that begin with that letter, which would take precedence as they're part of my backlog. I supposed the original Wizards & Warriors also could fit in that boat, except I don't have the same sort of urge to re-play that one from time to time any more.

Also to clear letters, Ironsword is a possibility. I do love the music that plays during the final area, even though I've heard it a million times due to it taking that many tries to kill the four elementals that serve as the final boss. I could review that music and then sum up the game in about 5 words or so.

A few others are possibilities, but way off in the future. No sense in re-covering letters like "S" when I'm primarily using retro systems to fill in the blanks with letters I won't get to via more modern consoles. And some frankly fit in the "NO WAY IN HELL AM I PLAYING THAT AGAIN!!!!" category like the two Ultimas listed (I reviewed the only good NES Ultima)

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