I've added Android and iOS Listings
March 27, 2015

I had resisted it, but today I added system listings on the site for iOS and Android.

The last few years have seen remarkable growth in mobile gaming, to the point where it no longer makes sense to ignore it completely, even if the bulk of mobile games are just crappy clones of one another. You could argue that a lot of console games these days commit that same offense, and I probably wouldn't even think you were nuts.

We previously had iPhone/iPad listings on the site, but they weren't supported all that heavily and I removed them. I don't recall ever having Android listings.

Things have changed. New games come out for those platforms all the time, some of them even quite interesting. Game development in Japan--my favorite region, where such things are concerned--is increasingly mobile-centric. Beloved console properties are coming to iOS. Capcom has announced Breath of Fire VI for that platform, and even Nintendo recently announced that it will begin developing and releasing games for mobile devices.

So I've added the two system listings. I don't plan to waste a bunch of time trying to list every game. I don't think a lot of us will bother to review many of them, or even any of them at all (though I expect to cover the system from time to time). I'll list games that come along if they interest me, whether I plan to review them or not, and I'll list games that I buy or games that you buy and request or whatever.

iOS and Android get their separate sections on the site (rather than being rolled into PC/Misc) because they could easily overwhelm that section if mobile coverage unexpectedly takes off on this site. I'd rather not see that happen, and I don't think most of the people who read that section--PC enthusiasts--would care to see things go down that road, either.

Anyway, this post could easily be the last time any of us write about mobile on the site. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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Germ Germ - March 27, 2015 (05:11 PM)
This is awesome, I was actually planning on reviewing Ingress, which I have had a lot of fun with this year, as a blog post, but now I can have it as a review, right? I assume it's the same as requesting a listing for a PC game, meaning you should only do so if you have a review just about ready to go?
honestgamer honestgamer - March 27, 2015 (05:19 PM)
You can request games that are important to you, or in your collection, even if you don't plan to review them, since the two new mobile platforms are listed separately from the MISC one. I still don't want a flood of such requests that will take a bunch of time away from other duties around the site, and I'm not keen to add a bunch of the platforms' take on shovelware that no one really cares about. Basically, just consider Android and iOS as you would any other non-MISC platform.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 28, 2015 (02:14 AM)
Nice. I hoped to one day review both Hungry Shark Evolution and Puzzle and Dragons, and maybe Tiny Tower.

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