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June 26, 2006

...I just thought I'd post here that I finished the first draft of my new novel. It's not done, of course, because a first draft is only the beginning. Still, this is reason to celebrate.

I'll be working to polish the first draft over subsequent revisions, but you should be seeing a lot more of me around here in the meantime. Writing this novel has consumed a great deal of my spare time, and I hope to make up for that with sexy (and witty) journal entries.

In case you wondered, no; I'm not stupid enough to think that this entry qualifies as "witty." I'm too tired for that, and excited. I'll save witty for later.

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Genj Genj - June 27, 2006 (05:39 AM)
You should review your Big & Rich albums!
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - June 27, 2006 (08:25 PM)
I always wanted to write a novel, but I don't think I have the attention span required to write one. So of course I am now left speechless.

The novel is, at least, in one piece. I guess one hard part has ended and another one has done.

But what's the book about anyway?
honestgamer honestgamer - June 28, 2006 (02:43 PM)
The book is about a young boy with magical abilities who sets out on adventure with a wizard and a young girl after an evil wizard destroys half his village. It's fairly standard stuff, but I enjoyed creating the characters and world and following them on their adventures. Once it's all polished, then I'll decide if it was a waste of time or (hopefully) the start of a great new string of writing projects.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - June 29, 2006 (12:12 PM)
Yeah, that sounds cliche, but it really just depends on the dialogue and the detail. I think that simplicity has its charm.
asherdeus asherdeus - July 02, 2006 (09:40 AM)
Free copies to all helpful site members?

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