Family Guy is genius
June 25, 2006

I know I have said it in the past, but I'll say it again: Family Guy is funny because it's random.

Tonight's episode (which I suspect was a rerun) had me laughing most of the way through, like when Adam West tried jiggling his keys out the window to distract town residents from the fact that he spent all the town money on a giant golden statue shapped like a Sugar Smacks frog.

The best part for me was when Peter said "It's like that time Moby Dick stayed with us," and it shot to a scene of Peter at the table with a whale. Moby Dick wanted raisin bran, but they only had raisins and Total cereal. Peter figured it was good enough, but Moby Dick disagreed.

When I describe it like that, it doesn't sound funny. And maybe it's not, but it's so random that I couldn't help but laugh. It's one of those cases where the subject matter is so inane that you shouldn't even stand watching it, yet it's so unexpected that you have to laugh. Well, I had to laugh. I realize a lot of people probably found that episode offensive. I was among them, but I was laughing too hard to care.

That's good television.

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janus janus - June 25, 2006 (11:45 PM)
Hell yeah, Family Guy is awesome.
Genj Genj - June 26, 2006 (06:35 AM)
Family Guy is funny. That's a lot more than you can say about South Park these days.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - June 26, 2006 (09:46 AM)
Family Guy can be hit or miss. Sometimes it's funny as hell but sometimes you feel like they're trying too hard.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - June 26, 2006 (06:42 PM)
The Joan Rivers snippet was priceless.

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