Shh. Don't tell Janus.
June 25, 2006

Janus doesn't know it yet, and perhaps he won't notice at all, but I've beat his score at Crystal Quest by a hefty margin.

At first, I only had about 3,000,000 points and then I looked and saw that he had more than 8,000,000. This was distressing news, and I wasn't sure how in the world he managed to accomplish it until I tried the game on its most difficult setting. Then I realized that you get massive points for playing that way.

So I went through and made it to Wave 16, which handily doubled and almost tripled his best score. So now I'm the leader among those on my friends list. It feels good to be on top, oh yes!

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janus janus - June 25, 2006 (02:23 AM)
I can beat that!

uh, if I can be bothered to play Crystal Quest again. It wasn't exactly the best arcade game.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - June 25, 2006 (08:10 AM)
Don't worry. I won't tell janus...
honestgamer honestgamer - June 25, 2006 (06:30 PM)
You don't like it? I like it a lot. I had a score of 3,000,000 before I realized you could shoot... and it was awhile before I even started using the flash bombs. The game is pretty cool, I thought.
destinati0n destinati0n - June 26, 2006 (03:17 PM)
Marble Blast Ultra barely beats Crystal Quest out for best Arcade game, with Uno in 3rd.
janus janus - June 28, 2006 (03:24 AM)
I got 200 on Marble Blast Ultra - without glitching! It's a close call between that and Geometry Wars for my favourite Live game so far.

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