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April 20, 2006

Tonight I was at Best Buy and I played a few minutes of NBA Live 2006. I know it got mediocre reviews, but I really had a good time. The graphics were cool and I didn't have a hard time with the controls. I was able to figure out how to move the ball down the court pretty quickly, and I would've given serious consideration to buying it if they had any copies in the store. Sadly, they only had it on display, but no copies to sell. So I don't own the game and got season five of Frasier instead. Stupid Best Buy.

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Halon Halon - April 21, 2006 (01:28 AM)
I've been buying a Live game every year since 96. The problem is that I never cared for the Sega series, and IMO all of the Live games are flawed in one way or another. The series was starting to get interesting around 2003 and 2004 (when they added freestyle control, dunk/shoot buttons and other features), but it still had its share of problems back then and the core gameplay hasn't changed much at all. I'm still waiting for the breakthrough Live game, and hopefully we'll get that with 07.
Genj Genj - April 22, 2006 (05:54 AM)
Fraiser isn't funny.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - April 23, 2006 (02:21 PM)
It's getting harder for basketball games to please critics. One mishap in the roster or one graphical glitch, and all hell breaks loose. A 6/10.
asherdeus asherdeus - April 27, 2006 (08:02 AM)
Hey Jason, I noticed your Auto Assault/Guild Wars news stories. I'm getting both of these games shipped to me for review and I wondered if you're getting them too. If you are, we should definately get online and play together.
honestgamer honestgamer - April 27, 2006 (06:19 PM)
I have Auto Assault, yeah. I haven't cracked it open yet, but they sent me a card to play for 60 days on top of the free 30, so I could easily lose three months if things go that way. It'll be convenient to have someone to play with, so we'll have to figure out some time we can meet.
galactus21 galactus21 - April 27, 2006 (06:41 PM)
They should make Step by Step dvds. Quite possibly the best tv series of all time.
asherdeus asherdeus - April 28, 2006 (10:16 AM)
Yeah, I got the 60 day card too. I can't really run it right now because my college network kills my performance. From what I have managed to play, it's not that bad so far.
gladiator_x gladiator_x - May 03, 2006 (06:39 PM)
There is alot of fun to be had with Wii. But I think you right, people will calm down with name after they've throw it around enough. In the meantime, its great advertising.

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