I have to play games today...
October 25, 2005

Yes, I have to play games today. They're not games I would've gone out to the store and bought with the intention of playing. Well, one of them is... but it's not out yet. So, instead of walking outside and staring at the way the sun speckles the lawn with golden rays of warmth, I get to cower in my cave with a Playstation 2 controller gripped tightly in sweaty hands as I cast glances at the refrigerator and wish I weren't too lazy to get up and grab myself a soda.

Pity me.

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lasthero lasthero - October 25, 2005 (10:26 AM)
I too long for the soda. But...the machine is so far, and my seat is so comfy...
beverage beverage - October 25, 2005 (03:57 PM)

we could make a religion out of this

You must drop your video games and comfy seat for the rich rewards and long lasting pleasure await you if you get up and follow the deliciousness of the one ruling soda. It is calling you. It wants you to come to the state of being refreshed! go to the soda! It is waiting.

tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - October 25, 2005 (07:46 PM)
I excommunicate all of you from this new religion.
beverage beverage - October 26, 2005 (03:14 PM)
i sarted it you can;t excommunicate the founder of the great soda religion! I hereby excomunicate you and shun you for trying to excomunicate the founder of this great religion!
tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - October 26, 2005 (05:11 PM)
You can't excommunicate me! I form my own, orthodox, branch where we are allowed to eat pork, drink liquified salad, and pray toward Honestgameria only 5 times a day.
beverage beverage - October 27, 2005 (04:04 PM)
im not gonna pray to honestgamers! If i was gonna pray to a website it would be my own!

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