Blog revision progress report
January 02, 2012

As you can see, the blogs are sort of working now. I thought I'd take a moment to update you on what's changed before I retire for the evening.

* Old content that was previously accessible through blogs can no longer be accessed in that manner, as I noted some time ago would eventually be the case. Now you'll be able to use your blog to access only content that is actually live on the site: reviews, previews, interviews and news articles.

* Your landing page is no longer your blog. On your landing page, the most recent blog post that you made will display, as will your greeting message. However, you'll now see recent content submissions listed. This should be handy for regular contributors. You can go to one place to remind yourself what you've recently reviewed, you can click to edit or delete (as permitted) and you can also click if there are feedback topics. It's also still possible to click "Reviews" on the top bar if you want to check out your complete review listings.

* Overall blog search is gone. It tended to lead to spammers and such, anyway. Currently, the only way to find a blog is to click through from the main site. You can also click "Friends" to view recent posts from people who you have added as friends. Besides reducing strain on the site during peak times, this has the added bonus of ensuring that you're less likely to see content from people who really get under your skin.

* The blogs now provide you with 728 pixels, so you can post images that large or smaller without worrying that part of the image won't display. Because the right column is gone now, the net effect is that the site should also be viewable on very low resolutions without the need for too many scroll bars. With the proliferation of mobile Internet browsers, this could be a definite positive. Blogs also look less cluttered.

There is still work to be done. I'll be removing a lot of account functions that no longer make sense because of the revised design. There's some general polishing and additional streamlining that I'd still like to do, as well. However, the blogs are now functional and you should be able to use them without incident, even as minor work continues periodically over the coming weeks.

As always, thanks for using the site and the blogs. I hope that you find the updated format helpful. See you around!

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