Congratulations on a great week, everyone!
April 28, 2011

I just thought I'd take a moment to congratulate you all on a great week. We've posted reviews every day since at least April 24th and there's been some great content coming through the site from a nice mix of contributors.

I know that each review represents a shared experience that doesn't just happen because you played a game. It's the result of playing, thinking and finding a way to communicate effectively. I appreciate each of you who chose to share those experiences here at HonestGamers.

Your contributions to our community are what will help it to continue to thrive. The more regularly each of us contribute, the easier it is for visitors to see what we have going here and the more likely they are to want to get involved. I hope to find additional ways to make the process rewarding in the future, but until then I wanted to let you all know that I'm truly impressed with this community's output over recent weeks. Thanks again!

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jerec jerec - April 28, 2011 (04:09 PM)
I get to do Review of the Week!

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