VideoCritics relaunch is mostly a go!
March 14, 2011

So, VideoCritics is gone, replaced by... VideoCritics! You can find it here:

The new version of the site is, I feel, superior. It no longer has a bunch of index pages that will never actually be populated with information. As I discussed previously, the new site just has content that approved contributors actually post, along with the forums.

Right now, the site only has one review, which I just finished writing a short time ago. That review is for "Unknown" and I will be posting a review for "The Adjustment Bureau" sometime very soon, I hope. Probably tonight. After that, things are wide open. I might write a few video reviews for older movies, just to fill things out, but my long-term plan is of course to get other people involved.

There were two of you who expressed interest when I brought this up previously. I'd love to hear from you ASAP to see about working out plans in the short term. We're coming up on the weekend, for instance, and I'd like to hear from you regarding what movie you might want to watch (if any) and review shortly thereafter.

Discussions along those lines can continue to happen through HG Mail here and in response to this and possibly future blog posts, but I'd like to get the most interested parties registered on the new site (all old accounts are gone) and we can discuss things more easily on the contributor forums there.

If you know any genius movie reviewers who would also like to be a part of this, keep them in mind. Right now the site looks pretty shabby and will continue to do so until we have a minimum of around 15 reviews posted, but after that we should be in good shape. This should be fun for the people invovled, but obviously I'm going to be particular about who does participate because I feel that's necessary. I'd like to be one of the least talented critics on the site when all is said and done. ;-)

If anyone has any questions or concerns, just let me know by HG Mail, or on AIM or whatever.

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- - - March 16, 2011 (03:28 PM)
Only just noticed this post! I'll respond sometime tomorrow.

First glance - looks cool. I'd maybe change the rating into an image of stars (if only because "2 & 1/2 stars" is a bit awkward), but no other comments so far.

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