I'm gonna get me an education.
November 12, 2010

A few nights ago, I was browsing online (as I am known to do) and I saw ads for online degrees in web design. This interested me, so I clicked to request more information. Now, a few days later, I find myself enrolled in an online university and taking the first classes on my way to an Associate's degree in that field.

So far, I'm learning things like how to use a computer, what inputs are and software and all that sort of thing... but looking ahead it won't be long before my classes move into much more interesting and useful topics. This path represents the absolute most expensive way in the world to find someone with the skills necessary to take HonestGamers and my other sites to the top of the field. I'll come through with a proper education and a degree in a field that often pays people more than $40K per year. I'll have knowledge that I can put to use myself or use for others. So it's very interesting to me, naturally.

I previously had been working toward a degree in English Education. There's a possibility that some of those classes will transfer so that I can get to more of the good stuff even sooner. Either way, my plan this time is to stick to things and go through all of my classes in a straight shot so that in a few years I finally have an education that I can talk about with pride.

Naturally, all the time that I will be spending learning will cut into my gaming time, but my day job is part-time and I'm only attending classes 3/4 time (that's all I can afford), so you'll still see me around here and Gameroni a lot. I will also still be doing freelance work, now with the added goal of paying for my classes. I'll just have to do even better at managing my time.

Anyway, this could benefit all of you who love HonestGamers, somewhere down the road, so I thought I'd let you know. Cross your fingers for me. This will definitely be a challenge, but I'm excited at least for now...

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aschultz aschultz - November 12, 2010 (05:36 PM)
Here's some encouragement--reading something like this I realize I was very fortunate to have classes thrown at me that helped drop me into a pretty good job & I was lucky a company took a chance on me and then kept me on when I struggled at first.

I think you're well suited for this, and I suspect you've planned it out, and I bet/hope you'll find someone who enjoys the sort of technical work needed to publicize a website--and who also likes games.
zippdementia zippdementia - November 12, 2010 (08:19 PM)
Hey, welcome to hell with the rest of us!

No, education is always incredible. I think humanity as a species has two things in common. We love to learn and we love to share/use what we've learned.

Humanity's role in nature, as I see it, is to record the stories of life. That's what we're best at. The best education teaches us how to better tell our stories through whatever mediums best suit us. Whether that's house building, relationship building, or actual writing or filming or programing... it's all the same in the end.

Good to hear you've jumped back in.
bluberry bluberry - November 18, 2010 (06:48 PM)
don't pick a fight with algebraic topology. you will lose.

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