Congrats to Lewis!
June 02, 2010

Lewis has a brand new gig. He's not saying what, only that it's at a "brilliant" site and such, which leads me to guess Eurogamer or Rock, Scissors, Shotgun. In any event, it'll do well enough for him that he's hanging up his hat over at Resolution. He'll still be freelancing, so maybe someday that'll even mean more work here. I do hope to be able to pay freelancers in the future, after all. You can find his full post here:

Congratulations, Lewis! It was long overdue. Now, to get back to my own work plotting the expansion of HonestGamers so that we can stop losing great writers to the competition. I'm thankful for the fantastic team of writers that we already have, but I die a little bit on the inside every time some other site gets a great writer while the amazing folks that contribute here at HonestGamers continue having to do it just for the love.

I don't say it enough guys, so here it is again: thank you for all that you do! And to the rest of you users who make it such a pleasure to visit this site every day, thanks to you too! I hope to be able to make some exciting improvements around here in the coming year and I hope that you'll stick around to see them and to be a part of them.

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zippdementia zippdementia - June 02, 2010 (05:46 PM)
Good for Lewis! He certainly has a unique way of saying things that will do him well in the reviewing world. It's nice when throwing yourself into your work pays off. We all hope for that! I hope for it in film, I'm fairly certain True is hoping for it in his writing, and I know you feel the same way about Honest Gamers as a site.

I'm excited to be amongst such motivated and creative people!
aschultz aschultz - June 04, 2010 (12:20 PM)
This went off my recent friends' blogs, but I remembered it with your latest post. This is really cool--despite that it may be our loss. It also reminds me, as someone a bit older than him, that I haven't gone as tenaciously after my goals.

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