A twisted paradise
May 10, 2010

You have won a trip to paradise, but there is a catch: there's no Internet and you have to bring along three video games. You will be forced to play one or all of those games--the choice is yours--for eight hours of every day of the rest of your life. If you refuse, you will be shot and all of the beautiful women (and/or men), the spectacularly delicious sub sandwiches... it all goes away. What three games do you bring? Why aren't you playing one of those three games right now? Have you reviewed each of those three games yet on this site?

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pickhut pickhut - May 11, 2010 (01:26 PM)
-FIRST PICK: RPG Maker (PlayStation)
-WHY: With the ability to create your own adventures, the replay value is high. Plus, it takes a long time to set everything up.
-PLAYED RECENTLY: Nope. Read the sentence above for the reason.

-SECOND PICK: Dai Senryaku VII (Xbox)
-WHY: Long-ass strategy game is long.
-PLAYED RECENTLY: I own it, but I have never actually tried it. It was a disc that someone else lost.

-THIRD PICK: Oblivion (Xbox 360)
-WHY: I know, right? I'm not even that fond of the game. However, it is an open-world game, with lots of exploring and quests to be had. A game like this will take up a lot of time.
-REVIEWED: I doubt I ever will.

As you've probably realized, these aren't games I would love to play, but they are very time-consuming.
zippdementia zippdementia - May 12, 2010 (02:06 AM)
Final Fantasy XII
I mean... this is a game I don't have enough time to play in my normal life and probably never will. By the time I'd completed all the sidequests and managed to level enough to beat the hardest hunts, I'd have forgotten what the hell the game was about and I'd be able to start over again.

World of Warcraft
Well, if I'm looking for a game that will continuously offer me more content, then WOW would be the one to pick. Also, maybe I could cheat and get someone to ship me some new games once in a while.

NOTE: I don't actually play WOW.

I just don't get tired of Starcraft. Like... ever. I could replay the single player missions for eternity, not to mention all the possibilities of setting up a LAN party on paradise.

Other games that would be high on the list:

Baldur's Gate II (endless leveling possibilities)

Dungeon Keeper (another one I never tire of)

Left 4 Dead (if I'm allowed to get some multiplayer going and can actually convince the paradise people that co-op is good, I doubt I'd get bored)

EDIT: So why haven't I reviewed these games yet? You know, it's hard to review these games that (a) are very popular, cause there's nothing else to add, (b) were important to me in my youth, like Starcraft, because it's hard to capture that on paper, and (c) are really stinking good. I mean, what do you say about a game like Starcraft except "wow... Koreans like this a lot. And so do I."
honestgamer honestgamer - May 12, 2010 (10:48 AM)
Pickhut: Thanks for your response! Interesting stuff. :-)

Zipp: The whole point of this is to determine the three games that you would be willing to play a lot for years to come, since in this scenario your life depends on it. Online play is out, so I was surprised at the inclusion of World of Warcraft. Cheating isn't allowed, either. This is life and death stuff!

Anyone else have any comments to offer?
zippdementia zippdementia - May 14, 2010 (01:53 PM)
What?! No internet in Paradise?! Don't they know that CLEAR is pretty cheap these days?

In that case, I go with a slightly different set up...

1) Starcraft (but one that comes with brood wars)
2) Final Fantasy XII
3) Little Big Planet (even without multiplayer it might take me the rest of eternity to make a single level)

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