Expanding our audience one directory at a time
February 10, 2010

Well, work continues to spread awareness of the HonestGamers site. I just got word today that we're finally listed on the AllTop directory, under its Gaming session. The big secret about directories is that even if we don't get a lot of hits from traffic on a specific directory, those directories are edited by hand and thus a link means a lot more to sites like Google as they evaluate the value of our content.

You can now find links on the Alltop site to our latest staff reviews, updated courtesy of the RSS feed that I put into place sometime back. There are a few other RSS aggregation sites that are now posting the same stuff, meaning that when we post interesting new content, more people than ever will see it.

I'm trying to increase eyes to the same few items (specifically reviews) because that's a great way to encourage people to come to the site and look at other reviews... including yours! The efforts that I've been making over the past few weeks and over the coming few should result in more traffic to your content without you having to do a single thing extra. You can easily improve the amount of traffic you receive, however, by making sure that you post on your favorite social networking sites when you've added something interesting to the site and would like feedback from more than just the core HonestGamers community. Remember that there are links to easily tweet about your new content (something that I find does get results). You can post about your work in off-site blogs, too.

Anyway, I will continue to make efforts on my end to ensure that the site reaches more and more people and that your content does the same thing. We're nearing the point where those efforts could snowball and we could suddenly find ourselves regularly enjoying higher levels of exposure than ever before, so make sure that you keep those contributions coming!

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zippdementia zippdementia - February 10, 2010 (03:01 PM)
Build it and they will come... or in our case, send it and we will write ^_^

Which reminds me, I've got a half minute hero review to finish up! February and March are gonna see some big reviews from me, namely Heavy Rain, FFXIII, and God of War. My goal is to post reviews within three days of the release date. I don't think I can go faster than that and give a valuable review.
aschultz aschultz - February 10, 2010 (03:25 PM)
Congratulations! Your work continues to pay off. I remember worrying that hand edited lists were a thing of the past, but yeah, they're definitely better because they're trust based.
overdrive overdrive - February 10, 2010 (08:20 PM)
That sounds good. Being what that I'm an inbred mongoloid halfwit when it comes to Internet marketing (and everything else), all I gathered from this is that something good happened, but that's news I like to hear!

I have my own little list o' reviews brewing. I need to finish off Batman: Arkham Asylum and then do Uncharted 2 before I forget too much about those games to write about them. I started working on Medal of Honor: Frontline tonight because I wanted a change of pace from my possible ChallAnge entry and it's on my immense backlist. And my contest game. And I should finish Project: Snowblind so I can return it to my friend, so I can borrow a few other PS2 games like Medal of Honor: European Assault, Baldur's Gate II, whatever Castlevania game he has and that X-Man action RPG he has. And maybe Black again.

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