Comics on your PSP
December 30, 2009

Well, comics have made it to the PSP. Frankly, I'm pretty excited. There aren't really any operating comic book shops anywhere around here. I am interested in comics, certainly, but the only ones available here are stacks of the $1.00 ones that no one wants that are sold at stores that otherwise don't even deal in anything remotely interesting (or related).

So, I downloaded the reader on my computer, which makes it easy to browse the available comics on the PlayStation Network. I updated my PSP. I downloaded the reader on my PSP. I think I must've downloaded about 50 other things, too. It felt like a lot of hassle for something that I wouldn't even like, plus I had to wait for my PSP to charge up because it's battery essentially holds a charge for a few minutes now and it had been unplugged for days.

The end result? I was able to download a sample issue of G.I. Joe and read through that. It's pretty sweet. You'll get a glimpse of the whole page first, then the view zooms in rather smoothly to the frames within that page. The title page lets you leaf through the copyright info and such, as well, and you can cycle through frames with the 'Left' and 'Right' buttons on the d-pad. Colors are vibrant. The story in the one that I read today wasn't all that compelling, not yet, but the presentation is excellent and I'm excited at the potential opportunity to go back and read all of the old G.I. Joe comics that I missed. From what I can tell, prices range anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 for full issues, probably more if warranted.

Will this wind up being a big deal? I'd like for it to. The PSP's screen makes it an ideal portable device for reading things like this, plus there's portability and its other functionality. Most likely, this will come too late to seriously impact the system's fortunes--which may doom this neat element before it even has a chance to properly exist--but for now I'm thinking that I may try a few more issues in any case.

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