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September 19, 2009

I made two purchases recently and I felt bad doing it when I'm trying to put away money to pay off debts, but at the same time I consider them necessary. They are:

1) External hard drive. I now have a 320GB hard drive that was on super sale where I work (so I got a discount on top of that, too). It's a Toshiba brand and it was necessary because my laptop had gotten to the point where I couldn't even browse the Internet for long without the temporary files filling up the last bit of my hard drive. Not a good way to operate, methinks. Plus I couldn't back up the site's image and guide files because I had no room. Now I do and that intolerable condition can stop.

2) iPod Touch. I've wanted a proper iPod for a long, long time... one that's not the old iPod shuffle a customer literally threw at me when he came into the store where I worked to get it repaired. It was named "piece of crap" and he swore it didn't work, but of course it was an excellent iPod and worked just fine.

I need more, though, specifically because I'm tired of turning down iPod games that we could be reviewing (some of which even looked somewhat interesting). Now I can safely accept games from publishers because I know that if no one else can review them, I can. Though... I'm not sure most of the available reviewers even have an iPod Touch.

I got the new iPod on a clearance price at the local Wal-Mart, possibly because of a corporate error, so the cost for the iPod and the external hard drive together came to... well, more than I wanted to spend, but a lot less than they could have been.

Of course, those purchases set me back a bit and I now need to sell off a few more games so I'm not in the hole at the end of the month, but I expect that I will get a metric ton of use out of both items so it's justified. Knowing that if the site server crashes I can still have a backup is peace of mind that justifies everything, anyway, plus now I can listen to music while I work on the site, my fiction or guides without conflicting sound issues on my laptop. Good times, all around...

Anyway, now it's time to see what games I feel like selling. I think there are a few good candidates and a few I'll definitely miss, but I did the right thing.

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Genj Genj - September 19, 2009 (07:35 PM)
My iPod Touch has been getting a lot of use, but there are a few things that kinda suck about it:

1) I used to skip through a track or skip to another in the same album while it was in my pocket a lot on my old one. Now I always have to take it out of my pocket, turn on the screen, and unlock it.

2) Unless you have one of those plastic films that go over the screen, you'll be using the cleaning cloth that came with it a lot.

3) It seems like the battery gets sucked up pretty fast from the screen. This kinda sucks for me since I use the wireless Internet function a lot.

From the sound of it you're probably not going to have as much trouble with 1 & 3.

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