A mostly typical Monday in my HonestGamers life
May 18, 2009

Today is a Monday, which means the start of the 'real' week for me. I work on the site week-round, month-round and year-round, but Saturday and Sunday are slower days where most of my work is either coding projects or straight-up gaming (with dead space filled by AIM conversations with contributors and staff).

Monday, of course, represents the next flood of press e-mails. I'm subscribed to a lot of mailing lists from various game publishers and their PR firms, so I can count on something like 15 or 20 e-mails coming through from them on even a slow day (let alone Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the busiest days of the week in PR land).

My day begins when I get up--usually around 11AM, give or take an hour--and log on to sort through any messages that came through as I slept. This usually means deleting 20 or 30 spam e-mails on a first brush, catching a few more on a second brush and then going through yet again to weed out the PR e-mails that just don't interest me enough to bother with. These will usually be announcements of slight tweaks to games no one gives a crap about--games that have been announced but may never even release--and so forth. Then I'm left with assets announcements and bona fide press releases. I'll next go through the latter, posting them as I go and adding game profiles if necessary. Finally, I'll look at assets and see if there's anything that I feel is worth posting... if I still have time.

Recently, I've begun posting URLs over on the honestgamers Twitter account (honestgamers), which takes a little bit of extra time but is showing some definite promise. We already have a few new subscribers, a trend that (if it continues) could definitely increase the site's exposure and do a lot to grow our audience. It's an extra hassle that I didn't really need, but probably worth it in the long run.

With the PR part of my day mostly out of the way--though e-mails will continue to trickle into my inbox well into the evening--that leaves me free to take care of other duties. If I have games to mail, that's when I'll usually head to the post office. Today I mailed out four games, including the new Riddick game for Xbox 360 and Sacred 2 for the PS3. I also bought some padded mailers, since my supply was basically down to nothing. This all cost me around $40, which was financed by a check that came through today from one of our advertisers.

Now that I have all of that out of the way, I have a few hours to do whatever I want before going to work at my 'day job,' which actually keeps me occupied in the evenings during this week. Next week, it'll keep me through the early afternoon and well into the evening, which will mean less time to update press releases and such but more money when my paycheck arrives.

I'll probably spend the next few hours playing Zen Pinball, which I hope to review soon for the PlayStation network (gaining me another letter in the alphabet marathon in the process). Then this evening after work, we'll see how tired I am. If I'm not too tired, I'll play some more Dokapon Journey. I've played that a fair bit, too, so it's another game that I'll be reviwing soon. Once those two are out of the way, then hopefully I can work on a preview for Crimson Gem Saga on the PSP and then dig into Punch-Out!! for Wii, which is supposed to arrive soon. I'm definitely looking forward to that one! Then I have other projects before returning to another run of reviews and more PR work.

So yeah, today was a fairly typical Monday for me and now you know how my Mondays usually go (not much different from my Tuesdays through Thursdays, actually). Wasn't that fascinating?

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