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May 16, 2009

I figure it's been at least a few weeks since the last "HonestGamers depends on you to spread the word!" post, so I might as well post another one.

Over the last few days, I've been making extensive efforts to hone the HonestGamers site into a self-promoting machine. The site has its own Twitter profile, where I post links to our newest content as it becomes available. I've made a bunch of small tweaks to the source code and the way URLs are handled on the site, as well. All of that should help the site to gain more attention on search engines, going forward, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

I will be continuing to work on such things in the days, weeks, months and likely years ahead. I've posted before about my plans to spend a lot more time doing the work that happens behind the scenes of any successful site and I'm putting my actions where my mouth is all the time.

So in the weeks ahead, I hope that you all will continue to enjoy the quality content that we're working hard to produce, and I hope that you yourselves will continue to produce additional high-quality content. You have my promise that I'll continue doing what I can to promote the core content that keeps people coming to the site--reviews, news, guides and cheats--and that I'll do what I can to see that your efforts are rewarded.

In return, I hope that you'll do what users do on a lot of good sites: tell your friends about the something special that we have going here. Update your signature so that when you post on other forums, there's a reference to HonestGamers. Add links to our site on your personal off-site blogs. Link to our content on other forums when it's relevant to the discussion at hand. When games enter the conversation, there's rarely a time where HonestGamers doesn't have something to offer, so keep the site in mind and hopefully that will lead others to do the same.

Thanks for all of your continued support as we try to build up the HonestGamers community and help it to thrive throughout the remainder of 2009 and beyond!

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