With the Sonic guide complete...
April 11, 2009

Now that I've completed work on the guide that I was writing for IGN for Sonic and the Black Knight, I'm free to resume work on HGWars. I still have other things I have to do--basically that means games to play and review--but it seemed like a good time to pour some hours into coding.

The result of that coding is that I've added the 'Build' function to the game. Now players will be able to develop their properties and earn income more quickly than ever. This will soon--perhaps even tomorrow--be joined by the ability to rob other players, something that I expect to add a lot of additional depth to the game and really shake things up. It's likely the last major feature that I will be adding for some time and it's a biggie, so look forward to more word on that as developments occur.

Right now, the only development that's ready to occur is me going to bed!

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