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March 30, 2009

I've just finished doing a bunch more work on HGWars in anticipation of its April open beta launch. The list of updates and additions is as follows:

* The 'Gear' section is now filled out with a total of mroe than 100 items, many of them added over the course of the last 24 hours. It's unlikely that many (or any) more items will be added anytime in the near future.

* Job listings have been expanded. There are now a total of 18 jobs in the database, up from the 11 that existed less than 24 hours ago.

* Income from properties has been modified. It's now increased by approximately 20%, which will probably eliminate the need for future tweaks along those lines. Income had originally been higher than it is now--even after this most recent round of tweaks--but was too generous. I'm pretty sure that the balance is right now.

* The LCK stat boost from Gear is now properly applied throughout 'Jobs,' so that if you have an item that increases your luck, you'll see its performance affect the outcome of any jobs you attempt. It's still possible to get bad results when performing a job, but it's now much easier to skew things toward a more positive outcome.

* On the stats screen, you'll now be able to see your base and expanded stats reflected in a simple table so that you can see what effect your gear is having on your overall performance. Beasts and thieves will be able to see this information when viewing other profiles, as well. Mercenaries are still not factored into those stats, and I don't plan for them to be at any point in the future, either.

The above is a fairly robust series of upgrades and content additions. It takes the game that much closer to the point that I had hoped for it to reach by now. I do plan to continue adding more jobs in the future, as more ideas come to be and as their addition becomes more important, but for now there's more content to the game than most people playing it will be able to thoroughly explore for quite some time.

We're very close to the wipe and restart now, so watch for word on that in another day or two.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 30, 2009 (12:27 PM)
Holy crap. Did you raise beast attack again, too? I noticed both mine and EmP's went up like 100 points from yesterday. And I was wondering why I was still doing so much damage to you even though your defense (with equipment) was higher than my original attack. Haha.

Anyway, these changes are nice. The extra jobs should be interesting and something to strive for... and all of this adds to the strategy.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 31, 2009 (02:51 PM)
Jesus Christ. Fighting's almost pointless now because whenever me and EmP attack each other, it's a one-hit. Whenever we (or at leaast I) attack you, it's not even close to a one-hit anymore, but your retaliation is so strong because of all that attack/defense boost you get from the equipment.

Woodhouse is too low a level for me to attack (more appropriately, he kills me before I can attack him the less direct way... since he doesn't appear on the battle screen), so I might still be able to kill him... but both of you do 200+ damage regardless.

Not sure if this is really a balance issue since this seems like something for a problem in the higher levels only... And raising beast stats again might just make things ridiculous because they'll be super strong in the early levels, before tapering off in the higher ones as the rest of the classes make up the difference with gear.
I'm not sure how expensive this gear that gives you 200+ points in defense/attack is, but to me, that's gear that should cost over like 200k at least, though, just to make things a bit difficult.

I guess we'll see how things go when you wipe in the next few days.

Hm... maybe another health boost would be more appropriate than anything else, but again, that might screw up he lower levels, and if applied only to beasts, could really make things difficult early on.

EDIT: Yeah. I just smacked woodhouse for 200 damage. Which is still a bit ridiculous, but his strength is only 100something (with equipment) so he can easily pump that up to 250 or so if he likes.

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