My manhood is never questioned
March 02, 2009

I wish that I could find and smack the person who let my HonestGamers contact e-mail address leak to the spam bots. It's not an address I shared with just everyone, so there are a limited number of suspects. Someone did it, though, and now I daily receive all kinds of spam.

It's almost always the same 2 or 3 messages, particularly a picture of about four different types of male enhancement drug. I also get a lot of HitBooster spam. I already know that none of the stuff works and I've never responded to any of the messages or asked for removal (that just encourages spammers to send more), but already it's getting ridiculous.

Today, for example, I received a message from a "Sheryl Fraser" with the title "My manhood is never questioned" attached. It's pretty clear that whoever is sending these things doesn't even bother to make things credible. Someone named Sheryl is always going to have her manhood questioned. It just goes with the territory.

A common tactic of spammers--and one that applies here--is to 'spoof' e-mail addresses. Even though they don't have access to your account, these people make it look like they do and will send a message from any account they like. It's easy enough to do with a simple web form (I could send you a message that appears to come from anyone I'd like and you wouldn't know for sure that it was a fake unless you checked headers), but a lot of spammers are so lazy or incompetent that they don't even enter the bogus address. So I get a bunch of messages from 'myself' every day telling me about the wonders of Viagra.

It's depressing. I wish that the government would hurry up and catch up with the 21st century--no, make that the 20th century, since this has been going on for years--when it comes to legislation. Maybe with Obama in office, we'll start passing laws that prosecute these absurdly annoying spammers and their shady policies. Well, after we fix the economy and the wars overseas and stuff. And healthcare. And education. Spam should definitely be next on the list after that!

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