Nintendo DS
October 18, 2005

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
You give me such glee,
When you play with me.
I hit your screen,
I know it's mean,
But you play so coy,
Like some sort of toy.

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
Your screens so largess,
Look like such a mess.
I wipe you with a cloth,
I'm certainly no sloth,
But you show my fingerprints,
Like so many dents.

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
I shout at you at night,
I give my wife a fright.
I blow and blow,
So how do you know,
When I've done it just right,
And the game is won?

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS...
Okay, now I'm done.

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Genj Genj - October 18, 2005 (07:43 PM)
I'm speechless.
zigfried zigfried - October 18, 2005 (07:51 PM)
You're scary.

joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - October 18, 2005 (08:24 PM)
Bravo! Keep 'em coming!
goldenvortex goldenvortex - October 19, 2005 (08:36 AM)
I really don't know what to say.
EmP EmP - October 19, 2005 (08:44 AM)
I would like
To shot DS to bits
With a shotgun.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - October 19, 2005 (03:02 PM)
No! Don't shot the DS!
tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - October 19, 2005 (08:39 PM)
Please shot the poetry, though.
beverage beverage - October 22, 2005 (07:36 PM)
learn to wirte poetry from draqq_zyxx

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