Sims 2: Apartment Life review - behind the scenes
December 01, 2008

The results topic for the recent alphabet olympics included a comment from one of the judges--Janus, I think?--that I would have done better to let my wife simply write down her impressions for the review. I said that probably wouldn't have worked too well, but now you get to be the judge. I found my wife's analysis of the game as I was cleaning up my office. Below you'll find what she thought of the game, cleaned up grammatically for easy consumption.


+ It's easy to pay the rent.
+ It's easy to move in.
+ You can change the decor.
+ You can have a room mate.
- The apartments are limited to one town.


If you've read my review, you know that I wasn't satisfied with that for my final review. I did ask for more information than she had provided, and my Q&A session with her resulted in a review that I feel was superior to her original analysis (even though it wasn't good enough to beat anyone but bluberry in the competition).

I don't recommend that anyone try reproducing my experiment, by the way. It's difficult to get good information about a game's inner workings from someone who doesn't regularly analyze games herself... even if that person does play video games a fair bit (some weeks, my wife plays more games than I do!).

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