October 17, 2005

Run and jump
There's a
Run, jump, squish, stomp!
A Koopa!

Vibrant rainbows
Chasing clams
Peach is pretty in pink
Koopa, koopa, koopa!
It burns, fire from a
Sad, happy, bottomless pit


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zigfried zigfried - October 17, 2005 (07:44 PM)
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - October 18, 2005 (10:29 AM)
Super Mario
Super Mario
Super Mario... WORLD!

Super Mario World,
It's a blast from the past!
In Super Mario World,
You've got to move fast!

Mario and Luigi are doing what they can,
Yoshi and the Princess are giving them a hand!

Super Mario World,
It's a blast from the past!
Super Mario World...
It's a blast!

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