Don't mess with Nintendo fans...
September 26, 2008

So, here's a tragic bit of news that happened in Europe:

It's food for thought, at least. Even if you think it's all fun and games when you berate someone on an Internet forum, baiting them because you find their reaction so humorous, sometimes the person on the other end is really upset about it. Sometimes, he's so upset that he'll do... something unfathomable.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 26, 2008 (02:05 PM) That's... really... crazy.

I heard of people committing suicide because of internet drama... or whatever... which is pretty sad (in both senses of the word) in and of itself, but this...?
Suskie Suskie - September 26, 2008 (02:13 PM)
The picture in this article reminded me very much of someone I knew in high school, and thus, this story triggered the wrong reaction from me. Wow, I just found out a lot about myself.
EmP EmP - September 26, 2008 (02:47 PM)
Yikes, and I get internet death threats by the bucketload.

Time to invest in a kelvar vest.
jerec jerec - September 26, 2008 (02:55 PM)
Blink and you're dead, EmP.
sashanan sashanan - September 26, 2008 (11:52 PM)
Internet. Dangerous business. Or so it would seem.
Lewis Lewis - October 01, 2008 (03:02 AM)
Ludicrously, I saw an article that suggested copies of Advance Wars should be held back over this.

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