Holiday sickness
July 04, 2008

I'm a suspicious person, I guess. Last night at work, they hadn't scheduled nearly enough people to handle the predictable holiday rush. There were only two or three cashiers scheduled in our huge department (which for most practical purposes is about half the store, and I'm talking about a store along the lines of a Super Wal-Mart). There were also only three clerks scheduled for most of the evening--myself being one--and one supervisor.

Then disaster struck: one of my co-workers called in sick.

It's possible that this person truly was sick. Possible, I say, but somehow I find it difficult to believe. This skepticism comes from years of working retail, I realize. It's difficult to remember the last time that someone didn't mysteriously come down with some sickness or other right at the worst moment: the holiday.

This cashier person being 'sick' meant that clerks had to cover for her on the register, which in turn meant that there were fewer of us on the floor. We didn't get everything done last night that we were supposed to because we couldn't walk five feet without another customer accosting us and demanding help... QUICKLY.

So yesterday was pretty hellish. It would have been anyway, but the cashier calling in sick just clinched it. Grr...

I hope today goes better. Unlike every other store in town, we'll be open until 11PM even though pretty much everyone will be out enjoying fireworks. At least, I hope they will be... I could definitely do with a slow evening. Sadly, I bet the early afternoon will be just as awful today as it was yesterday.

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