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June 03, 2008

Tonight, I accessed my old e-mail account, which hadn't been in proper use for weeks but which still has old messages and contact info stored. I'm trying to slowly move over important PR contacts to my Outlook account, but it takes awhile.

Anyway, I was going through old messages and there were some from FAQ contributors who had written back to me and granted permission to post their stuff. This was from nearly a year ago. At the time, I was living in a motorhome. Then I didn't have Internet access dependably for a bit, then I was moving into my apartment, then I was distracted with prolonged unemployment...

Long story short: tonight is the first night where I had all the info I needed to post the FAQs (a lot of the details I needed were stored on a huge spreadsheet I maintain). So I posted around 30 or 40 FAQs, some of them really quite good.

Someday, I'll hopefully make another round of FAQ soliciting, but as things stand, we're nearing 4500 FAQs on the site. Not quite the 5000 I was hopeful that I would have by now, but a decent number just the same.

In other news, WOW... I need to go to bed. I think I will.

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