Woo hoo! I got a job!
February 29, 2008

Today, when I was paying the minimum amount due to keep my cable Internet from going away (because I am broke and have more bills right now than I can possibly pay), the other line beeped in and it was the local restaurant calling.

I'd gone in for an interview earlier this week, and I went away thinking that I wanted the job and that I would probably get it. The interview, I thought, went really well.

I was right. I start orientation tomorrow morning at 10AM. My required outfit? Jeans and tennis shoes. They seem like really great people. I'll be training mostly for stuff around the restaurant, it sounds like, but my regular gig will be delivery driving. That's right: I'm actually excited about delivering food.

Of course, that excitement is because I've been without work for months. I'm running out of games I can sell on eBay without bursting into tears. Bills are mounting. It's not pretty, not at all. So having work now (plus I will get tips on top of an hourly wage) is really exciting. Besides, I like what I've seen of my new employers. They seem like really great people.

The job could still blow up in my face at this point. That's certainly possible, but I hope it won't. I can't afford to spend another few months looking for a different job. My health won't take it. So even though by many people's standards my new job will sort of suck, be happy for me and stuff. I'm back in the work force!

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - February 29, 2008 (02:29 PM)
That's great, Jason! I can only imagine what it's been like for you... There was a time my mom was unemployed, and from what I remember, it wasn't good at all... So this is really, really good. I hope it pans out for you.
EmP EmP - February 29, 2008 (02:55 PM)
Congrats, man. You'd have looked awful with a scruffy hobo beard.

pup pup - February 29, 2008 (06:41 PM)
Congratulations on the job. Depending on the type of food, you can make some good cash from tips. I know people who graduated college and stuck to their delivery jobs. They get to chill out when it's slow, and when it's busy, they stand to make more cash than many "regular" jobs.
daff daff - February 29, 2008 (09:00 PM)
Some of my delivery drivers make more than I do. I'd actually drive more, but I have bad vision so finding addresses is a pain for me.

I would recommend saving a set percentage of tips in a car upkeep/repair fund.
Halon Halon - February 29, 2008 (09:42 PM)
Congrats! I hope you have fun with the job, it definitely seems like something you can have fun with.
Genj Genj - February 29, 2008 (09:45 PM)
Oh man, but you know what'll suck. When some douche orders 200 pizzas for his buddy as a joke.
johnny_cairo johnny_cairo - March 04, 2008 (11:09 AM)
There's always a silver lining. After work you can get wasted and eat those pizzas and have enough leftovers to avoid buying groceries for a month. Congrats, Venter. I hope you've gotten your feet wet in this industry before.

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