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February 02, 2008

This thread is the result of me deciding to promote my blog a bit more. It's something I encourage you all to do, if you're interested in getting more exposure for the stuff you post (I realize that not all of you are, so ignore this post if you don't want your blog to reach audiences outside HonestGamers).

Anyway, there's a popular site called Technorati that apparently does a lot to promote the various blogs around the Internet. You can find it here.

Signing up is free, and once you've done so you will be able to create a profile and then 'claim' your blog. Part of that means making a new post in your blog that contains an HTML link (which the Technorati) site provides. Here is my link:

Technorati Profile

Technorati then spiders your blog and will eventually link to it from the service, which other users can then apparently search by topic. So for example, my movie reviews might now reach a much larger audience, plus any news I choose to share in my blog about the HonestGamers site.

For me, that's obviously a big bonus, and maybe it even is for some of you. My personal hope is that as more people browse Technorati and find out about HonestGamers and its blogging system, they'll feel inclined to join and share in the fun. It's just one way to promote our content and services (not to mention my reviews, in my case, since my blog links from them). I'm all about that!

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