Hilarious resume blunders
January 10, 2008

I generally try not to link to other blogs and such, because then they look really good and I look really stupid for not being bright enough to come up with something equally entertaining myself.

However, I'm looking for part-time work lately and sometimes I might have to put in my resume, so I saw a link to real resume blunders. I thought I'd best read it to make sure I didn't make any myself. After reading through the list, I think I'm safe, but I think all of you should read through it too:


The list starts out mildly amusing but by the end I was laughing at a near-hysterical level. Some of the stuff people have put just really made me giggle. I encourage you to read the whole list (it's not as long as the scroll bar makes you think it will be).

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Genj Genj - January 10, 2008 (02:49 PM)
I loved the last two.
pup pup - January 10, 2008 (04:14 PM)
"Detail oreinted" pretty much sums up why I never use that line. When people make this claim on the resumes they turn in to me, I go nice and slow, taking my time looking over every little syllable.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - January 10, 2008 (05:39 PM)
Why does the military need a treat detection system?
honestgamer honestgamer - January 10, 2008 (05:51 PM)
Without it, how could Operation: Donut have ever occurred?
LegacyGaming LegacyGaming - January 12, 2008 (08:32 AM)
lol....Sea World....

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