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December 10, 2007

The site server seems to be having a rough time of things right now. I've done everything I can to rectify the issue on this end. I just went through and trimmed out a bunch of fat in the source code.

I've also reorganized how the site ranks games. It will now rank them according to the ratings you assign games. This is an important change that will filter through the site over the next few days as game profiles are loaded by search engines (and you). In the end, it should mean that the recommendations you give games affect what users most readily see as they browse and visit from other locations.

Another note: I've changed how ads display on the site. There was a previous threshhold of 300 HG Points in a 3-day period to make ads disappear. I've lowered that threshhold for the time being. Now, any time you've gained HG Points in the last 1-day period (even if it's only 10 points for a game rating or blog post/reply), the ads will be gone.

This may very well end up being the permanent set-up. It makes it really easy to remove ads (or to never see them, if you're routinely busy on the site) without preventing them from occasionally displaying (a necessity for the site's advertising requirements). In the end, most of you should see a lot fewer ads and that's always a good thing. ;-)

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 10, 2007 (09:23 AM)
Hm...So you changed the site rankings to reflect user ratings as opposed to number of hits or whatever it was before? That's interesting... The only thing with that is wouldn't games that were only rated once be placed either really high or really low? And it's only one rating... Like... someone could rate really obscure games that may not be good with a ten (even if the game didn't really desserve one), and because only one person has rated them, they'll get a higher position than a game like Final Fantasy VII. Unless you worked a way around that, too... but that's the only issue I can see - and it might not even be a big one.

As for everything else, well... it seems to have worked - the site's not as slow as it was yesterday... I did notice that most of the lag was on the blogs, though... and the blogs still seem slower than the rest of the stie, but much better than yesterday.... I think. o.o *knock on wood*

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