A realization
December 21, 2005

So I did some counting, and it turns out that I haven't really played more than 30 of the current and next-generation games on my game collection list. I anticipate having a lot of fun with them in the months to come, because they're all great games (from what I hear) that I just haven't found the time for.

Sometimes, I think I'll never play all of them. Then, at some random moment, I plow through two or three of them. I would imagine there are somewhere around 50 games I own and paid good money for that I've simply not experienced at all, while another 50 or so I've only played extremely briefly.

The good news for me is that I do seem to spend a lot more time now actually playing games, rather than just sitting around on AIM and talking. Sure, I still code a lot and I write a fair bit, but I'm playing games more now than I have in years. It feels good.

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Genj Genj - December 21, 2005 (08:23 PM)
Not me. I buy games and then waste time being silly. Example: making blog posts complaining about my inability to buy import German techno-dance albums in stores.

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