Super Mario Bros. 3's only flaw
October 07, 2007

I've been playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for years, and I used to think it was a perfect game. Today, though, I realized it does have one flaw: world 4 is easier than world 3.

The difference isn't huge, admittedly, but I still say world 3 is a lot rougher. It's bigger and some of the levels are definitely more vicious, requiring more attempts to clear than anything in world 4 really does. The battleship at the end of world 3 is tougher, as well.

Through and through, world 4 is simpler. So the order is backwards of what it should have been, perhaps even backwards of what it was going to be when the levels were originally designed. It's not a big dent in the game's armor or anything, obviously, but it is there. So yeah, Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't perfect (just insanely close).

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shotgunnova shotgunnova - October 07, 2007 (09:38 PM)
Is world 3 the one where Mario can go into the clouds, or is that the water one with the boats?
honestgamer honestgamer - October 07, 2007 (09:54 PM)
World 3 is the water one and World 4 is the one where things are really huge in some places. The sky one is World 5.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - October 08, 2007 (11:18 AM)
I like to think of World 4 as a "breather" before you get to the really tough parts of the game.
sashanan sashanan - October 11, 2007 (12:02 PM)
Now that you mention it, world 4, while it has a funny gimmick, is not difficult at all. World 3 is at times - it even has one of the tougher world bosses.

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