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October 15, 2005

Well, I meant to spend tonight playing a game. I really should have. But I had promised someone I would do some quick coding on the front page of the site. Basically, staff members review enough games now that reviews for new games are sometimes pushed off the page by reviews for barely older games. For example, a review of a game released last week might disappear, replaced by a review for a game released a year ago!

To fix that, I've set it so that the top two lines of staff reviews only list reviews for games released within the last 6 months, while the bottom line now is reserved for anything beyond that, regardless of system. A two-year-old PS2 game review will now appear there, for example.

This was of course supposed to take about 15 minutes, but instead took more than two hours. Ugh! Then I had Review of the Week to do, and now I don't really have any decent time left to play the game!

Tomorrow, I'll tend to the game. Like I said, I really need to. I just have to stop letting myself get sucked into these little coding excursions. They always suck me in and before I know it, bed time has arrived. Like now.

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