August 05, 2007

Well, the move went fairly well. The last 2 days were a royal pain in the butt, as expected, but now I can finally sit down to catch my breath.

On Friday, we picked up the U-Haul truck in the morning. I was already tired from a day of packing and cleaning leading up to that, but we had to do everything in a rush. So we picked up the U-Haul and then I began carrying boxes downstairs to it (we lived upstairs in our apartment, a fact I came to regret more than ever before).

My wife packed boxes from her workplace, Wendy's, so we had a lot of big boxes and they were mostly full of games and books. So they were quite heavy, since they were able to fit so much heavy stuff and my wife didn't move them herself. I carried boxes most of the day and my arms were worn out like you wouldn't believe by that evening.

Then, we got word that my brother-in-law was willing to help. So I drove about 30 miles one way to pick him up, then back so that he could work with us. That allowed us to get some good work done, moving things like our mattress and box spring and computers and shelves and so forth. Lots of heavy stuff, but we got that done. Then I took him back to his place that night, which meant my wife and I got to sleep at 2 in the morning... in sleeping bags on the floor.

The next morning at 9ish, we got up and started working again, carrying out smaller stuff my brother-in-law didn't have time to help with. We made good progress, then my in-laws showed up around 1 in the afternoon and helped get the final stuff in the truck. Then we drove 5 hours to Newport, where we'll be living, and unloaded everything in a storage unit.

After that, we went to the motor home where my wife and I are staying now. I checked online for a few minutes and saw that I won this last week's matchup in the Team Tournament, then went to bed. This morning, we got up and returned the U-Haul, so from then on I've finally been able to breathe. Whew!

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - August 05, 2007 (12:30 PM)
It's good you got it all done.
iamtheprodigy iamtheprodigy - August 05, 2007 (12:39 PM)
Yeah, I learned a bit about how much of a pain it is to move recently: one of my best buddies moved away to Missouri. I helped him pack and stuff and it was not easy or fun, that's for sure.
honestgamer honestgamer - August 05, 2007 (12:53 PM)
Toward the end, I think I would've given up just about anything if it meant less packing. The first thing my wife packed was all my books and games, since that was easy stuff and she wanted to avoid packing things that required actual effort. So that stuff was already packed and toward the end, we were dealing with a bunch of her crap and both of us were sick of it. On the positive side, that means she parted with some of her worthless junk, so when we move into our new place we'll have a few things less than before. Maybe I'll sell some more stuff on top of that. Probably not, though...
Genj Genj - August 05, 2007 (01:25 PM)
I wish I had boxes to move my dorm stuff. I usually end up shoving everything carelessly into shopping bags.

So wait are you looking for an apartment, waiting to move into one you have selected, or just living in the motor home?
Halon Halon - August 05, 2007 (02:28 PM)
I just moved as well, it was a pain in the ass. A lot of my stuff is still at my parent's house until I figure out what to do with it, though. I'll probably end up selling most of what I have.
honestgamer honestgamer - August 05, 2007 (04:07 PM)
The motor home is temporary. We're looking for a more permanent residence, and hope to have settled on one within a month or so...
iamtheprodigy iamtheprodigy - August 05, 2007 (04:31 PM)
Good thinking, you know what they say about motor homes and tornadoes...
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - August 05, 2007 (06:36 PM)
Yeah, but in Newport?

Jason, this means whenever I get out to Tillamook and Cannon Beach I can come pound on your door.



Congratulations with the transition, even if it were less smoothe than you would have liked.

And I promise I'll (hopefully) do better this next round of the tournament.
aschultz aschultz - August 05, 2007 (09:12 PM)
I often discourage myself from moving by thinking about the hassle of packing. Helped someone move last weekend and I know they did a lot more than I did to lead up to the whole moving thing.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - August 06, 2007 (02:17 PM)
It's cool that your in-laws came and helped move all your furnishings. I know some people in my family that wouldn't even think about doing that. Are you still looking for places or are just deciding between different places you've scouted (if you have done that)?

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