Radio excitement
July 31, 2007

A stupid person called in on the radio this morning.

The local radio station is giving away tickets to see JoDee Messina, a Country/Western singer, in concert. So they said they'd give a pair of tickets to the first person to call in with a question to ask her when the station interviews her.

So a lady called in. They asked her where she was and she explained that she's driving and proceeded to pinpoint the exact street she was following, with crossroad. Too much information, I think. They told her to be careful driving while on the phone (probably because so many idiots around here get in wrecks while driving and talking on the phone), then asked what question she would ask.

"It needs to be a really intelligent one, right?" the lady asked.

"Well, yeah," they said. "We can ask the really dumb ones. If we ask an intelligent one they'll know it's not from us, see."

"I would ask..." the woman paused, so it was pretty obvious that her previous conversation had all been a stall and she didn't know the first thing about what to ask. Then, finally, she came up with a generic question and announced it like it was the most intelligent thing in the world: "I would ask her what it's like to be on the road all the time and raising kids."

"Ooh," the DJ said. "Good question! But, uh... does JoDee Messina have kids?"

"What?" the lady asked. "I mean, uh, she has kids doesn't she?"

"I know she's engaged," the other DJ said. "I mean... I guess she might have kids, maybe."

Okay, so it was funny to me. This lady, identified on the air only as Jenny, is a good example of the common dork around here. I mean, if you're going to be winning tickets to the show, you should be more than the person able to press 'redial' the quickest. You should, well... you should probably know a little bit about the artist or let someone who is actually a fan get the tickets instead.

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wayne_steed wayne_steed - July 31, 2007 (01:20 PM)
That kind of question is not just stupid; it's pretentiously stupid, too. Sheesh, "Jenny," don't be stupid, huh?

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