Site tweaking is almost done...
June 06, 2007

Apart from posting a new banner once we have a suitable replacement, it's looking like most of the tweaking for the site's new design is done.

This has really taken a lot out of me, but I'm really happy with the new look.

To celebrate, today I added a feature some of you should like:

Anyone who has 100,000 HG Points no longer will see any of the banners while logged into that account. It also removes the Google links near the bottom center of the site. It's my way of rewarding the most active users, and it applies equally to staff and regular users. Also, the ads won't appear even if you spend your HG Points, so there's no penalty for taking part in the prize drawings that take place from time to time.

I hope you'll all continue to enjoy using the site and that sometimes you'll feel inspired to refer friends that you believe may enjoy it. This site is about community and can't really shine without it, so spread the word!

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - June 06, 2007 (10:29 PM)
I'm relieved to hear that you're making a new logo for the site. The current one looks boring and it doesn't mesh with the new colors.
pickhut pickhut - June 06, 2007 (11:11 PM)
Just 18,739 more HG points to go. Gah, just almost there.
honestgamer honestgamer - June 07, 2007 (02:13 AM)
Well, I tweaked the feature a bit now. Here's how it works now:

The site checks how many HG Points you've made in the last 72 hours. Any time that total exceeds 300 points, you don't see ads. Any time you don't have 300 points built up during that period, the ads return.

This system will reward people for a steady flow of content and ensure that those who are regularly contributing aren't looking at ads. I believe this is a fair approach because the people who most regularly contribute are the least likely to click ads leading to another site in the first place, so why waste anyone's bandwidth or time?

So, pickhut... you shouldn't have any ads if you keep contributing as you have been. The same goes for anyone else. I can tweak this system as desired in the future, too. I quite like it, and I hope users will too!
pickhut pickhut - June 07, 2007 (03:57 PM)
I've decided to become a little lazy recently....

I'm screwed. XD

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