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April 21, 2007

I'm starting to realize that there could definitely be a few more mood options when you're posting to your blog. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you'd like one special option that's missing? Depressed? Obnoxious? Sad? Ghetto? I'd like to hear what terms you most miss when it comes time to post to your blog, and maybe I'll add in some of them in a future update. Oh, yeah!

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Genj Genj - April 21, 2007 (06:41 PM)
Hey! I suggested Ghetto to you. More awesome suggestions:

-Shaken not stirred
-Disenchanted (therealbbobb/radical dreamer's favorite)
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - April 21, 2007 (10:07 PM)
Hey. . .how about:


And that's all I got.
Halon Halon - April 21, 2007 (11:04 PM)
How about a write-in option?
EmP EmP - April 22, 2007 (06:37 AM)
A write in option would be cool.

Otherwise, EmPtastic is a must!
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - April 22, 2007 (11:05 AM)
And so is Shrimptastic
pup pup - April 23, 2007 (10:30 AM)
I'm feeling Tasty.
Teshon44 Teshon44 - August 23, 2007 (11:22 AM)
feeling awsome

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