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WipEout is coming true!
January 23, 2017


Germ Goes to Japan, and Other Stories
September 13, 2016

Time to ramble for a bit.

About a month ago, I traveled to Japan. I remember being fascinated by the country as a kid, mainly because of all the talk about it in the videogame magazines I used to read. I went through a small and mild infatuation with anime and manga mostly as a preteen, but didn't retain anything other than a mild interest after that point.

Still, 'twas the land of vidyagames, and I went. Sort of.

I was on vacation with the family. We spent most of the time at Disneyland, not the most Japanese place in Tokyo, and only ended spending a few hours in Ueno Park one day and a little time in Akihabara on another. In Akihabara I just visited Yodobashi Camera and an arcade. Fairly interesting, but I skipped the Maid Cafes.

Anyway, here's Pokemon Go at Disneyland.

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검은사막, part III
October 17, 2015

I said from the get-go that playing 감은사막 is a language exercise, and as a result I don't have a whole lot of terribly interesting things to update this blog with as far as progress goes. Nevertheless, my original blog about playing it has received a decent number of hits, and I like writing about the process so I'm going to continue.

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검은사막, part II
October 07, 2015

I dove right back into 검은사막 (AKA Black Desert Online), this time with Google Translate at the ready and a hope to start unraveling the mystery of what the crap I'm supposed to be doing in this game.

But Germ, you say, isn't using Google Translate just as bad as using the English patch?

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October 03, 2015

In a previous post, I mentioned my interest in 검은사막 (AKA Black Desert Online), a popular MMO that will come to the US in 2016. After following this installation guide for foreigners looking to play on the Korean server, I've finally got it working. I didn't even have to do the shady nonsense to get around the requirement of a Korean ID number, since I live here and have one.

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Hey, that's where the console games are!
September 20, 2015

I've been in Korea since May, and apart from seeing one pretty decked out PlayStation Store in Busan, I haven't really seen a lot of console game stuff. Sure, the big retailers have PS4s and a small selection of games, but it just isn't like what I'm used to. That's why I was pleasantly surprised today when I found several small shops selling used and new consoles and systems in Gwangju, the city in which I live.

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Shenmue 3
June 19, 2015

After Starlight Inception, I promised myself I wouldn't back another Kickstarter. To say I was letdown by Starlight is an understatement, and it really put me off the whole funding model altogether. But now, the unthinkable has happened, and Shenmue III is being released via the platform. Notice I say “released” instead of funded. The actual funding for the game is coming from our friends at Sony, since, as Forbes pointed out, there is simply no way a paltry (though potentially record breaking for Kickstarter) few million would fund a sequel to a game like Shenmue. O

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