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TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight brings East Asian adventure to Steam next week

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The environment artist responsible has worked on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Breath of the Wild.

TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight will arrive on Steam on April 14, 2021, publisher Playism has announced. The game is a 3D exploration platformer modeled after key titles from the genre's 90s heyday.

Developed by nocras and Orbital Express, TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight introduces Yukumo, a young girl who travels the world aboard an airship. She arrives in a Far Eastern town with errands in mind, but her ship breaks down and that leaves her to explore in search of parts. Unfortunately, the town seems to have mysteriously been abandoned to a strange species of cat-like individuals.

As Yukumo explores, she will gradually make repairs to her ship that allow her to explore more of the mysterious world around her, including piers, valleys and lakes. Clearly, she at some point becomes invested in the mystery she has unearthed, and so it will fall to players to dig ever deeper and have pleasing adventures along the way.

TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight was created by an environmental artist who contributed to both Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which seems evident from some of the game's beautiful environments. The biggest question now is how it all fits together and plays, and you don't have to wait long before you'll be able to find that much out for yourself...

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Staff article by Jason Venter (April 06, 2021)

Jason Venter has been playing games for 30 years, since discovering the Apple IIe version of Mario Bros. in his elementary school days. Now he writes about them, here at HonestGamers and also at other sites that agree to pay him for his words.

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