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Death's Door has birds and death and it's coming to Xbox consoles and PC

Death's Door image

It looks like some monsters who said they could take down a reaper of souls will be eating crow this Summer.

Devolver Digital, frequent publisher of games that in some way involve birds, today announced it will publish an action-adventure title called Death's Door. The title is due to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this Summer.

Starring a crow who is one of numerous birds that collect the souls of those who have shuffled off this mortal coil, Death's Door is an action-adventure outing from the team at Acid Nerve. You might well remember that older title with fondness, as it seems to have gone over well with a lot of the relatively few people who played it.

"We can rebuild them," said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. "We have the technology. We can make them better than they were. Better, stronger, faster. And hopefully more profitable."

The business of reaping souls in Death's Door sounds rather treacherous, so a better model of bird can only be a good thing. You'll explore a world of twisted inhabitants and myriad secrets, bringing hope to its residents and slaying beasties known as tyrants using melee weapons, arrows and magic. Despite the intriguing world building, this is ultimately an old-fashioned sort of game where it looks like reflexes and skill matter most of all.

Death's Door was revealed as part of today's ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase, and it looks plenty intriguing to me. This Summer is shaping up to be an exciting time to be a gamer, don't you think?

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Staff article by Jason Venter (March 26, 2021)

Jason Venter has been playing games for 30 years, since discovering the Apple IIe version of Mario Bros. in his elementary school days. Now he writes about them, here at HonestGamers and also at other sites that agree to pay him for his words.

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