Can't think of a title for your game?
January 07, 2019


There's probably more.

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Masters Masters - January 07, 2019 (08:54 AM)
Good catch. How did this become normalized? How weird it would be to download the latest shooter, "Roger," or that new RPG, "Peter."
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - January 07, 2019 (01:55 PM)
There's also Anna.

Does Lady Sia count, too?
honestgamer honestgamer - January 07, 2019 (04:13 PM)
I don't know about the other titles on your list, but having played Catherine, I think it was a terrific name for that particular game.
jerec jerec - January 07, 2019 (05:41 PM)
Yeah I didn't have Catherine in mind when I made the list since this is more an indie game thing.
overdrive overdrive - January 09, 2019 (08:16 AM)
A friend of mine bought an Atari 2600 dealie where you have a replica console and a ton of games programmed into it (like the NES, SNES and PS1 ones on the market, I guess). It includes not only games, but a couple of those prototypes that never got formally released. One of them is called "Save Mary", which I thought of when I read this post. The name also describes your goal in the game. Too bad it never got released back in the day, as it at least sounds better than 75% of the crap I played.
Masters Masters - January 09, 2019 (09:22 AM)
Yeah, I've heard good things about Catherine. I can confirm that Celeste is fantastic.

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