Well this brought back some memories
May 07, 2016


Man, how awesome would it be to track down these guys and do a huge Team Tournament for old time's sake? Plus with the new talent around here to mix things up.


This was linked in the above chat log.

Venter, any more things like this sitting around? I'm just drowning in nostalgia.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - May 07, 2016 (02:04 AM)
Weird how 2005 feels like such a long time ago.
jerec jerec - May 07, 2016 (02:51 AM)
11 years... we're all getting old.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 07, 2016 (11:58 AM)
I've gone through too many computers to have anything else like that lying around. Sportsman was usually the guy who did a better job of archiving those old topics. I mostly just bothered with the 2004 topic because it was a record of my victory in the Team Tournament (with Nick and Woodhouse). And the chat was just amusing to me at the time.
jerec jerec - May 07, 2016 (03:07 PM)
StormyWeather980: whoa, now that was below the belt
jasonventer: Scott's specialty.

That just about killed me. I wasn't there for that particular chat, but I was part of so many just like it. So much back and forth of insults and Ruder usually just sitting back egging people on.

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