I think I won't be getting any new consoles.
June 08, 2011

Maybe it is time to grow up, but I probably won't stop playing. Across the three consoles and two handhelds and my fairly decent laptop, I have access to more games than I'll ever get around to playing.

And maybe that's good. I still have a pile of games I've barely even touched. So maybe if new games stop being available to me I can finally catch up. That would be nice.

I'm not sold on the Wii's follow up, and Microsoft's obsession with Kinect is getting pretty tiring. I don't have the space for it to work properly, anyway.

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - June 08, 2011 (05:47 PM)
I'm not really excited by new systems anymore. Now I just see them as a hassle. That's hundred more to spend, more space I have to make, and there's no guarantee I'll be satisfied. I'll hold off until I see more games I'd be willing to Andy. Zelda HD is a start, but not enough.
Halon Halon - June 08, 2011 (06:56 PM)
I didn't get any consoles this generation because I'm more of a PC version and the consoles really didn't offer anything that I couldn't get on the PC (aside from the Wii, which didn't interest me in the slightest). I can't see myself getting anything next gen, either, but it's too premature for me to say that since MS and Sony didn't reveal their plans yet.
goatx3 goatx3 - June 08, 2011 (08:03 PM)
i'll jump in on the next generation eventually. probably with one of the major consoles and not a handheld. just gonna give it some time to see how things shake out.. i still haven't played all the PS2 games i want to play. haaaa.
zippdementia zippdementia - June 08, 2011 (08:33 PM)
I'll say it again: the market is oversaturated with games. It's gonna be a while before I can think about picking up any NEW systems. I've made myself ill at times just browsing the PSN store.
SamildanachEmrys SamildanachEmrys - June 09, 2011 (08:04 AM)
I'll probably get the next Xbox sooner or later, but not for a couple of years after release. That's what I did with the 360. I stuck to the original Xbox and PS2 until the end of 2008 (so that's maybe three years into the 360's life). There's no rush. I own consoles to play games I like, not to possess the latest technology. Left 4 Dead made me upgrade to a 360. Eventually something will push me up a generation again. Until then I'm fine.
Masters Masters - June 09, 2011 (08:21 AM)
Kinect is the life of my house parties. =)
overdrive overdrive - June 09, 2011 (10:16 AM)
I think I've said that about every generation, but I wound up getting the PS2 and 360, so never say never, I guess.

Although, as time goes on, paying larger amounts of money for the next big thing does seem less fruitful. I think mainly because in the older days, you could tell that designers were getting everything out of those 8/16 bit systems they could. Now, it just seems more like it's an "It's been 'x' number of years! Gotta get the next big thing out!" reaction where, to me, there's so much more that can be done with current systems.
honestgamer honestgamer - June 09, 2011 (10:41 AM)
In Nintendo's defense, Wii really was overdue for an update and the update looks like (while addressing the high-definition and horsepower points quite nicely) it will bring some potentially exciting new ideas to the table. Even if I quit writing about games as a source of income tomorrow, I'll buy a Wii U when it becomes available. I'm not sure that any successors Microsoft and Sony eventually introduce will inspire similar action from me. I'll definitely get them if I plan to continue writing about games as a source of income and personal growth--and right now, I definitely do--but otherwise I'd have to consider the merits of each system a great deal more carefully. With most of the games I care about hitting multiple platforms, it's gradually becoming less essential to own all three.
zippdementia zippdementia - June 09, 2011 (10:54 AM)
Overdrive speaks truth.
overdrive overdrive - June 09, 2011 (11:10 AM)
I guess I would agree that the Wii could use an update, as it was way behind Sony and MS as far as system power. I wasn't really thinking of it, I guess, since I don't own it and was more thinking of my current (360) compared to the PS3. The worse thing I can say about the 360 technology is that with some games, I have to occasionally get off my ass to change discs and that causes a lengthy delay as I prefer to download them to the hard drive before playing. And if that's my biggest gripe, I don't have much to complain about.

As opposed to the NES, where complaints were about the graphics and more along the lines of "is that a spaceship or intergalactic ketchup that attacking me?"
goatx3 goatx3 - June 09, 2011 (11:32 AM)
Masters has parties? at his house? lucky bastard!

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