These sorts of posts always freak me out and make me a bit uncomfortable.
July 26, 2010

I'm a bit surprised to find them here.

I wonder if she's real, and not just a cyber form created on the Internet to entice lonely geeks. She's not really that hot, so if she is a creation, it's a subtly clever one.

That should say ads, not posts. Damn it.

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sashanan sashanan - July 26, 2010 (04:26 AM)
Usually on ads like those it claims them to be in my local area (as recognized through my IP address) and the tiny, tiny print at the bottom of the ad reveals that the picture shown is for advertizement purposes only and not an actual member.

I see no such mention here but you can still safely assume that the face in the ad is a model.
zippdementia zippdementia - July 26, 2010 (05:48 AM)
The weirdest ones have been sending me pms on facebook, telling me to give them their phone number (and occasionally credit card information) so that we can "chat" sometime.

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